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Serial Prescribing

Kessington Medical Centre

Information for Patients suitable for Serial Prescription

What is a serial prescription?

A serial prescription looks like your normal prescription but is issued by your GP for 48 or 56 weeks. It will be issued in regular intervals, (usually 8 weeks) by the pharmacy. This will be dispensed by the pharmacy when it is due so it will be ready for you to collect before you run out of medication. This makes collecting prescriptions much easier for you and saves time at the GP practice. You will not need to reorder the items on your serial prescription from the surgery or pharmacy.

Why have my repeat medications been selected for serial prescribing?

You have been identified as having a long term condition which requires medication. As your medication(s) is/are quite stable and you regularly attend reviews it has been decided by your GP that it is appropriate for you to have a long term prescription for these items.

Can I use any pharmacy?

You can take your serial prescription to any pharmacy. You may already be registered with a pharmacy if not when you collect your first serial prescription the pharmacy will ask you to register with them and sign a form. They will then ask some questions about your medication and general health. You will need to collect your serial prescription items from the pharmacy you are registered with. You can attend any pharmacy for any other prescriptions or to buy medicine or seek advice. If you wish to change the pharmacy you get your serial prescription from please inform both the pharmacy and your GP practice.

Is anything not covered by my serial prescription?

Items that you only use occasionally such as creams, those requiring close monitoring e.g. Methotrexate and Warfarin, contraceptives, controlled drugs and weekly dispense items are not included on a serial prescription. These should be ordered by you in accordance with your usual surgery and pharmacy arrangements. Please ask your community pharmacist any questions you have about what is not covered by your serial prescription.

What do I do if my medicines change?

If your medicines change the GP and Pharmacy will coordinate to ensure that any changes are made to your serial prescription. It is good practice to check your medicines before you leave the pharmacy to ensure that the prescription has been updated. This prevents waste to the NHS and allows the Pharmacy to organise a supply of any missing items.

Not all new medicines that your GP prescribes will be added to the serial prescription. If it is short term or a medicine you are just starting on you will still need to still order these items yourself until such time as the GP decides that it is appropriate to add to your serial prescription.

What do I do if I am going away on holiday?

Please let your community pharmacist know 1-2 weeks in advance when you will be away and how long for. This will enable them to have your prescription ready in time.

What happens when my long term prescription runs out?

Your pharmacist will ask you to sign the back of the prescription forms and will then contact your doctor to request the next prescription. Your doctor may need you to make an appointment for a check up before issuing the next prescription as part of your ongoing medical care.

If our practice attached pharmacist has contacted you about this please follow this link to access the standard letter about starting this service:

PAMS patient letter

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